We have come together as a group of industry specialists with a total of 50+ years of experience in agricultural and botanical processing, combined with 25+ years of marketing and branding solutions. We’ve created a fluid team of professionals who can guide clients through the many avenues of the extraction and infusion technologies in order to aid in the development of products and services in both the wholesale and retail markets of North America.

The common stance we all share at Phytologic Solutions is simple, help people and pets with cutting edge technology that is formulated with natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. We strongly believe in complying with all federal guidelines and do not work with THC products or material over the defined limit of 0.3%

All the products we carry and/or work with in any manner are lab tested to confirm many points of interest which create our exceptional brand. Those interests include quality, potency/purity, thc-free, accurate ingredient lists, and many more aspects that we keep on file by batch and lot numbers for current or future reference.

Our company maintains a valid hemp processor license issued by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Medicinal Plants, enabling us to handle, extract and infuse hemp that has been classified by the US Department of Agriculture 2018 Farm Bill.

Cutting edge technology and new unexplored spaces in the botanical industry is our specialty. We work with some of the newest and ground breaking companies which are developing innovative and propitiatory techniques to deliver higher bio-available absorption of phyto-based supplements and medications

Our phyto-industry consulting services are currently focused on the rapidly growing hemp/cannabis industry, which has only just begun to scratch the surface. As more of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant are studied, and with accepted scientific research, we will certainly see a higher demand for quality products across the board. Our feet have been planted firmly for many years leading up to this current boom and our many fields of expertise can go a long way to help our clients achieve their goals.